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Financial Assistance

Rotary Club of Woodridge Program Assistance Plan

The Rotary Club of Woodridge acknowledges the need for residents with an economic hardship to enrich their lives through participation in recreation programs. To ensure equal access to recreation programs throughout the Woodridge Park District, the Rotary Club of Woodridge will provide funding assistance/scholarships for District residents in financial need subject to available and fiscal year appropriations.

Assistance may be in the form of a payment plans whereby the cost of the program will be spread over a period of time to allow the family/individual to afford the program as determined by the District or may be a partial scholarship whereby the cost of the program will be reduced according to the guidelines and the difference reimbursed by the Rotary Club.

Applications will be considered for approval within 3 working days of submission and are completely confidential. Residents using the Program Assistance Plan will follow normal registration procedures. Participants must reside within the boundaries of the Woodridge Park District to be eligible.

Download Rotary Financial Assistance Application