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Parent Involvement & Volunteer Opportunities

Family Involvement—Volunteer Request
Following is a list of some the family volunteer opportunities. If you are unable to commit to a prescribed duty, consider volunteering for as much or as little as you possibly can. Remember, all volunteers are welcomed.

1Team Administrator (approx. 16 hrs. per season)
The team administrator is responsible for the day-to-day administration of a team’s activities. He/she will be responsible for helping to collect player registration paperwork and give it to the club administrator for the purpose of submitting official state roster to the leagues. Compile and distribute the team’s roster/phone tree. He/she will be responsible for submitting tournament applications when asked and put together paperwork required for events your team will attend. The administrator will assist the team coach in making league game/time changes.

2. Tryout Site Assistant (2-3 hrs.)
This person will be responsible for helping the Club Administrator at the information table on each night of the tryouts. He/she can help every night or just for one night. Responsibilities would include registering any player not already registered for tryouts online and directing players to the correct fields.

3. Team Travel Coordinator (approx. 3 hrs. per event)

This person will assist with all facets of the teams tournament travel. He/she will be responsible for arranging hotel rooms and informing the teams in a timely manner of the arrangements. Each team anticipating traveling to a tournament will need a team travel coordinator.

Volunteering is a great way to be included in your child’s experience. Consider the volunteer options and see where your talents might best be used. The Woodridge Storm Soccer Club Program wants all parents to feel that there is a place for them on the team. Together, we can make this an exciting experience for your child.Don't forget to fill out the volunteer form and return it to your child's coach or drop off at the WPD Community Center. Your child's team depends on you.

Download Volunteer Form