Woodridge Park District

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What's New

Project Updates

Current Capital Projects

  1. Water Aeration at Lake Harriet & Ide's Grove East

    To minimize excessive algae blooms and invasive aquatic weeds in two park water bodies, the District installed a fountain aerator at Ide’s Grove East Park retention pond this past fall and a submersible water aeration system is scheduled for installation at Lake Harriet this spring.

  2. 83rd Street Park Conceptual Master Plan & Open House

    The Woodridge Park District hosted an open house in early October for residents to discuss with Park District staff the proposed improvements for 83rd Street Park, a 2.2 acre park site located immediately west of Sipley School and owned by Woodridge Park District. 

    The 83rd Street Park conceptual master plan features include: a 30’x40’ picnic shelter with picnic tables, accessible pathways linking site amenities (regional bike path, shelter, baseball field, school, playground, etc.), improvements to the existing baseball field, open lawn space with soccer field, benches, waste receptacles, drinking fountain, entrance sign, and extensive landscape enhancements. 

    Baseball improvements will include accessible covered dugouts, accessible spectator spaces, accessible walks from both the Park District and Sipley School parking lots, fence/backstop fabric replacement, and new team benches.  
    An open house will take place on October 3rd for residents to stop by, review, and discuss the proposed improvements for 83rd Street Park, a 2.2 acre park site located immediately west of Sipley School and owned by the District. 83rd Street Park Conceptual Master Plan

  3. Woodland Restoration Management

    Woodland restoration was completed at Hawthorne Hill Woods, Boundary Hill Woods and Westminster Park earlier this year. Work at these park sites includes removal of non-native woodland plants in an effort to maintain the Woodridge Park District’s natural areas. The District recently approved bids to complete similar work at Lake Carleton, Seven Bridges, Summerhill and 63rd Street Parks, Water Tower Reserve Outlots A, B & C and Pond 54. Plant removal at these sites will tentatively begin in December.

    The non-native plants include but are not limited to: buckthorn, bush honeysuckle, white mulberry and multiflora rose. The removal of these non-native plants is essential to the overall health of the natural areas. When non-native woodland invasive plants are left in natural areas they aggressively choke out native groundcovers and increase soil erosion. The removal of these species will allow more sunlight to reach the understory allowing native trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses to flourish, as intended for these natural areas. Not only will this improve the aesthetics of these natural areas, but the native plants provide better habitats for birds and insects, such as Monarch Butterflies.

Recently Completed Projects

  1. Pavement Repair and ADA Improvements at Community Center

    In late 2017, a contractor completed repairs at the Woodridge Park District Community Center to existing pavement, installing bench pads along the Lake Carleton path, and enhancing the facility’s accessibility in accordance with the park district’s ADA Transition Plan.

  2. Path Resurfacing

    Asphalt path resurfacing was completed on August 2 at Lake Carleton, Willow Creek School, and 63rd Street Park. The work took 3 days to complete and included milling and repaving of the existing surfaces.

  3. Village Greens Golf Course Clubhouse Interior Design Update
    Renovations to the clubhouse were completed in March and include new flooring and painting and/or wall covering additions throughout the entry, restrooms, dining room, pro shop, and conference area. The clubhouse will also received new restroom counters, toilet partitions, plumbing fixtures and laminate over existing cabinets in dining room.
  4. Janes Avenue Skate Park Work
    Two concrete skate ramps at Janes Avenue Skate Park were demolished and removed on Monday, March 6 and replaced the week of March 20.
  5. Crabtree Creek Streambank Stabilization

    Work at Crabtree Creek is complete and included removal of trees and brush along sections of the stream corridor to allow for reshaping of the banks as well as new gradual sloped embankments that will act in conjunction with new rock toes, rock riffles, and deep rooted native plantings to help hold the banks in place moving forward. 
    This project was the result of 10 plus years of requests by adjacent residents to the property inquiring and requesting the District to address severe erosion issues occurring along the creek. Over the years, the District has been working with a local engineer to determine the scope of the work necessary to stabilize the banks and to investigate and apply for grant opportunities related to these creek bank improvements in order to be fiscally responsible related to funding this project. The Woodridge Park District received grant money from the DuPage County Stormwater Management Division and the Illinois EPA to help fund streambank stabilization efforts.

  6. Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park
    The epoxy floor in the main bathhouses at Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park was replaced in October.
  7. Village Greens Golf Course Parking Lot Resurfacing
    The existing parking lot and entry drive was resurfaced in October.  Improvements to the parking lot included the addition of a landscaped island and a reinforced concrete garbage collection area at the clubhouse.
  8. Safety Surface Replacement

    Removal and replacement of the engineered wood fiber safety surface was completed at numerous parks this summer and fall including the Community Center, Windy Point Park, Castaldo Park, Forest View Park, Westminster Park, Summerhill Park, Janes Avenue Park, Sunnydale Park, Edgewood School, Goodrich School and Meadowview School.

  9. Resealing of Asphalt Parking Lots and Paths
    The Woodridge Park District completed asphalt resealing of paths and parking lots at multiple parks this summer including Echo Point Park, Sunnydale Park, Orchard Hill Park, Castaldo Park, Windy Point Park, 63rd Street Park, the Maintenance Building and Lake Harriet.
  10. Janes Avenue Park Fences
    Fencing repair work was completed at Janes Avenue Park ballfields the week of August 22.
  11. New Sipley Playground Open for Play
    Demolition of the old playground equipment at Sipley School began in June and construction of the new playground was complete on July 19. The existing swings that were built in 2013 remained in place. Woodridge Park District staff worked with the Sipley School Student Council and PTO in the selection of the new playground equipment. With input from the Student Council and PTO, several design options provided by multiple playground manufacturers were narrowed down to their 3 favorite designs. The three designs were then displayed at the school where teachers and students were encouraged to participate in the District’s first on-line vote for their favorite design. Over 500 votes were cast and this new playground was selected as the overwhelming favorite.
  12. Janes Avenue Park Metal Ramps Repainting Complete
    The Janes Avenue Skate Park was closed on June 2 for repainting of the metal ramps. The repainting added traction and improved the overall skatability of the park.
  13. Playground Surafce Repaired at Forest Glen Park
    The main playground area at Forest Glen Park was closed April 25-May 5 while the surface was repaired by the playground manufacturer.
  14. Improvements to the 63rd Street Park Baseball Fields to Create More Accessibility
    Construction began on improvements at 63rd Street Park in November 2015. The improvements were spurred by the scheduled replacement of the existing baseball backstop and side line fencing. Also included in the improvements was the construction of an accessible walk connecting the existing bike path with the baseball field and the public sidewalk along 63rd Street, as well as the construction of accessible, paved spectator and dugout areas. Other new site amenities include the addition of covered dugouts and a drinking fountain. The project objective is to enhance the existing site through the replacement and addition of site features while creating an accessible site. The project was completed in spring 2016 in advance of baseball season.