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Current & Proposed Capital Projects

Woodland Restoration Management
Woodland restoration at Lake Harriet, Falconridge Park, Timber’s Edge and the Duke Street Basin is going on now and is expected to be complete by the end of March. Work at these park sites includes removal of non-native woodland plants in an effort to maintain the Woodridge Park District’s natural areas. Follow-up treatment to control any resprouts will be done in May.

The non-native plants include but are not limited to: buckthorn, bush honeysuckle, white mulberry and multiflora rose. The removal of these non-native plants is essential to the overall health of the natural areas. When non-native woodland invasive plants are left in natural areas they aggressively choke out native groundcovers and increase soil erosion. The removal of these species will allow more sunlight to reach the understory allowing native trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses to flourish, as intended for these natural areas. Not only will this improve the aesthetics of these natural areas, but the native plants provide better habitats for birds and insects, such as Monarch Butterflies.

83rst Street Park Construction Going on Now
Construction began, October 30, on the development of 83rd Street Park and is scheduled to be completed in spring 2019. Due to more mild early winter temperatures, the contractor was able to complete significant portions of the concrete flatwork throughout the site as well as installed nearly all of the underdrainage system, shelter and dugout footings, and began construction of the shelter and dugout structures. All other construction activities including: site grading, concrete, utility work, masonry and landscaping will continue as weather permits.

Please note that the school playground will remain open during construction. 

The 83rd Street Park Development includes: a 30x40 picnicking shelter with seating for 100+ patrons, accessible pathways linking site amenities (bike path, shelter, baseball, school, playground, etc.), development of a new junior size soccer field, improvements to the existing baseball field, benches, waste receptacles, and extensive landscape enhancements. 

Baseball improvements include accessible, covered dugouts; accessible spectator spaces, accessible walks from both the WPD and Sipley School parking lots, fence height modifications to accommodate new dugouts; fence/backstop fabric replacement, new team benches, park benches, waste receptacles, and landscape enhancements.

Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park Phased Filtration Systems Replacement Project
In order to strategically plan for the eventual replacement of the original filtration systems at Cypress Cove, the District hired an aquatic engineering consultant to master plan the replacement of all filters in a phased program with state-of-the-art filtration that will further improve water quality and save significant expense by reducing water consumption. Phase 1 will entail the replacement of the shared filter system for the body flume slides plunge pool and program pool to be completed after the 2019 Pool Season. Phase 2 replacement of the main pool and lazy river will occur following signs of deterioration which warrants replacement, which at this point in time is not expected to occur for at least five years.

Hobson Corner Park Pickleball Courts
Pickleball is identified as one of the fastest growing sports in America for individuals of all ages. This sport is currently provided indoor at the ARC, however based on increased user demand for outdoor court play and to provide a free alternate sport opportunity, the District plans to convert the far southeast tennis court into two pickle ball courts. The schedule for this court renovation is tentatively for fall of 2019.

Ide’s Grove West – Timber’s Edge Park Development
A park master plan was completed in 1999 with Phase 1 development completed in 2000, which included installation of play equipment, walkways, seating areas and naturalized plantings of the retention pond shoreline. Phase 2 improvements, originally master planned, included a park shelter and access to the existing retention pond via rock outcroppings and/or a wetland boardwalk.

Due to the adjacent park donation acquired by the District with the development of Timber’s Edge, the District plans to revisit the existing Ide’s Grove West Park master plan in conjunction with the finalizing a master plan for a new neighborhood park located in Timbers Edge subdivision and treat the parks as one large park to be master planned as one. Planning efforts are scheduled to begin in February 2019 in cooperation with a Neighborhood Park Planning Committee made up of residents from both Timbers Edge and Gallagher & Henry’s Unit 16&17 subdivisions. The park development is schedule to be completed in 2019.

Jefferson Junior High School Track & Artificial Turf Athletic Field Project
Woodridge School District #68, in partnership with the Park District, is currently working on preliminary plans to consider development of a new 400-meter, 8-lane track with long jump, high jump, shot put, and discuss throw areas and a LED lighted artificial turf athletic field on the inside of the track for soccer, lacrosse and other sport activities. The track & field facility will be located west of the school building. Two of the three existing baseball/softball fields will be relocated to the north open field area to include upgraded field amenities to include but not limited to: paved and covered dugouts, bleachers, accessible walkways, backstop netting systems, and additional landscaping. If the project is approved by both agencies, construction would be tentatively scheduled to commence in spring 2019. Click here for additional project information.

Nicor Easement Bikeway Connector (Ide’s Grove East Park to Timbers Edge Park)
The District recently approved a license agreement with Nicor for the easement that connects Ide’s Grove East Park to the new park property in Timbers Edge subdivision. Plans for the easement entail the construction of a multi-use paved pathway connecting the existing pathways in both park sites. The project will be scheduled with planned park improvements at Timbers Edge tentatively scheduled for construction in summer 2019.

Timbers Edge Subdivision New Neighborhood Park Master Plan & Park Development
Master planning efforts are tentatively scheduled to begin in fall 2018 in cooperation with a Neighborhood Park Planning Committee to be comprised of residents from both Timbers Edge and Gallagher & Henry’s Unit 16 subdivisions (Ide’s Grove West Park). Subsequent to finalizing a master plan, development of the park site tentatively scheduled for construction in summer 2019. Stay tuned for future updates.

Triangle Park Storm Water Improvement Project
This storm water improvement project began in January, 2019 and is tentatively planned for completion in April 2019. Click here for project details.

Town Centre Property Sled Hill Development
The Village and Park District approved a comprehensive master plan in 2014 for the future park development of the 44-acre site (commonly referred to as the Jubilee site) located at the southwest corner of Center and Woodridge Drives. The master plan includes the development of a sled hill on the southeast side of the property adjacent to and immediately west of the Jefferson Junior High School baseball/softball fields. The District anticipates excess soil from the Triangle Park storm water improvement project that can be used to create the proposed sled hill. Final engineering and permitting are in progress. Construction is tentatively scheduled to occur in conjunction with the Triangle Park (September 2018 – March 2019) pending final approvals from governing jurisdictions. 

Recently Completed Projects

Water Aeration at Lake Harriet & Ide's Grove East
To minimize excessive algae blooms and invasive aquatic weeds in two park water bodies, the District installed a fountain aerator at Ide’s Grove East Park retention pond in fall 2017 and a submersible water aeration system at Lake Harriet in spring 2018.