Woodridge Park District

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Athletic Recreation Center

Athletic Recreation Center Background

ARC Concept Drawing

Since 1996 and most recently in 2010, the Woodridge Park District has sought public feedback through numerous community wide needs assessment surveys and public forums about the need to provide additional indoor programming space to increase and improve recreational and fitness opportunities in Woodridge. This feedback was considered by the Staff and Board over the years and consequently incorporated in the District’s 1998-2003 and 2005-2009 ―Five Year Capital Development Programs to develop an athletic recreation center pending availability of funding. The project was never launched due to other capital priorities, financial constraints and obligations. However, the need still exists and the District is unable to meet increased demands for access to quality indoor programs throughout the year. Indoor space limitations resulting from either lack of available space at the existing Community Center due to current space utilization, incompatible space to host programs desired such as indoor athletic & fitness programs, and limited available prime time hours at the school gymnasiums severely restricts the District’s ability to offer any new or expanded program offerings.

It is this reasoning combined with an opportunity to take advantage of various financial incentives and opportunities in the near future that the Woodridge Park District is now considering plans for development of a new Athletic Recreation Center (ARC) for improved access to programs and facilities.