Woodridge Park District

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Triangle Park Stormwater Improvement Project


About Triangle Park

Triangle Park, owned by the Woodridge Park District, is 1.9 acre natural open space site located south of 63rd Street and west of the ComEd easement that primarily conveys storm water through a channelized stream from south to north to Prentiss Creek, a tributary of the East Branch of the DuPage River (EBDR). The existing open space site consists primarily of mowed turf grass, native plantings, invasive shrubs & trees, and a severely eroding stream. 

Erosion along the streambanks creates several negative environmental and storm water management impacts in the area. Those impacts include but are not limited to: severe erosion of the stream banks onto private properties, loss of park land, exposure of existing underground utilities, creation of sediment downstream creating siltation and water quality issues, uprooted trees creating artificial dams and accumulation of debris at the storm water pipe inlet grate preventing storm waters to properly flow, and potential flood impacts downstream.

Some of the erosion within this tributary is caused by the extensive amount of storm water runoff volume and flow velocity originating within the watershed that is channelized through this stream corridor during high intensity rainfalls.

Based on historic subdivision development maps, portions of the South tributary stream through Triangle Park were relocated and channelized. Erosion of the west bank adjacent to the residential properties on Winston Drive is also caused by the stream trying to revert back to its pre-development natural meandering alignment.