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Arson Tipster Award Program

Help Protect Your Community

Public playgrounds can be targets of arsonists and when a loss occurs, an entire playground worth tens of thousands of dollars can be lost to the children of the community within a matter of minutes. As much as staff and local law enforcement officers try to prevent these incidents, it is sometimes local residents and park users that are the best source of information about who may be involved in these acts.

In an effort to reduce and eliminate senseless damage caused by arson, the Woodridge Park District in cooperation with the Park District Risk Management Agency implements an “Arson Tipster Award Program”. This program allows anyone to report information about individuals that caused fire damage to park district property. Should that information lead to the arrest of a perpetrator or a conspirator, that person will then be nominated for a cash reward of up to $500. All communication between the arson tipster and the park district are strictly confidential. The Woodridge Park District will not release or disclose any information furnished by the Arson Tipster without the Tipster’s explicit consent and approval. Call (630) 353-3300 to report a tip.