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The Woodridge Rotary Club and Woodridge Park District's Financial Assistance Program Reaches Milestone with Help from the Woodridge Community

June 18, 2018 – Since 1990, the Woodridge Rotary Club and the Woodridge Park District have partnered to provide families who have economic hardships with financial assistance to participate in recreation programs. A total of 1,300 families have been served since the program’s inception.

“The Rotary Club is thrilled to have served another 70 Woodridge residents in the past year. We are so thankful for the success of this program and how the community has supported our club’s efforts,” said John Kozlowski, President-elect of the Woodridge Rotary Club.

Woodridge Rotary was formed in 1989 to support important community initiatives, particularly enhancing families and children. The program’s goal is to make sure that every person in Woodridge has the opportunity to participate in recreation programs that fulfill their lives.

“Our partnership with the Rotary Club has been very effective over the years. So many Woodridge families have benefited from this program,” commented Mike Adams, Park District Executive Director.

Woodridge residents who need assistance to participate in Park District programs should contact the Park District at (630)353-3300 or click here for more information.

The Rotary Club partners with many community organizations to further its goals. Funds for the recreation program assistance and many other community initiatives are raised primarily through the Club’s annual Mini Triathlon which is slated for August 12, 2018 at the Park District’s Cypress Cove. More information can be found at the Club website at

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