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About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Woodridge Park District

The Woodridge Park District serves approximately 35,500 residents within 10.26 square miles, offers more than 1,000 programs each year, and maintains five facilities; 21 miles of paved off-road bikeways with connections to regional trails; and 40 community and neighborhood parks open space sites, woodlands, wetlands, totaling 685 acres.

Organized on October 21, 1969 per an “Order as to the Organization of the Woodridge Park District” by Judge William L. Guild, the Woodridge Park District is a municipal corporation that is governed principally by the “Park District Code,” an Illinois statute originally enacted in 1947 (70 ILCS 1205/1-1 et seq.) and is subject to a number of other state and federal laws.

A park district was created for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining parks and is a separate and distinct entity from the village, county, or other body politic. It is an agency through which, in part, the people of the State carry on government. It is not purely local in function; for the courts have held that the property is held in trust for the use of the people of the State at large and not forth exclusive use of the people of the district (see for example, Quinn vs. Irving Park District, 201 Ill. App. 449).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Woodridge Park District is to enhance one’s quality of life by providing superior parks, facilities and recreational services in a safe, fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable manner, in partnership with the community.

Long-Term Strategic Agency Goals


The Woodridge Park District will provide safe, diversified, creative, and value-based recreational programs, special events, and leisure services responsive to the needs of the community.


The Woodridge Park District will commit to operational excellence through responsive, effective, efficient governance and management practices that provides value to the community.


The Woodridge Park District will achieve its mission in a fiscally responsible manner by implementing best financial management practices in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.


The Woodridge Park District will cultivate an effective system of communication and cooperation with other community service providers to facilitate joint activities, services and programs avoiding where possible duplication of effort.


The Woodridge Park District will be a leader in fostering a strong sense of community through the wise use of leisure time by developing and embracing public relations programs designed to advance a positive image and identity of the District and community.


The Woodridge Park District will be an employer of choice that:

  1. Strives for excellence by fostering a collaborative work culture and workplace environment that values the well-being of its employees and volunteers;
  2. Attracts, recruits and retains employees and volunteers that are talented, competent, motivated, dedicated, respectful, accountable and engaged; and
  3. Equips employees and volunteers with essential resources to perform one’s job responsibilities and increase opportunities for potential promotion within.


The Woodridge Park District will plan, guide, and provide a diversified system of safe, accessible, and well-maintained parks, facilities, and equipment of exceptional quality responsive to the needs of the community.


The Woodridge Park District will actively promote and implement strategies and actions to improve environmental quality and achieve sustainable results.

Core Values

Safety First

Think safe, work safe, play safe, be safe!

Team Woodridge

Collaborate together to create a unique identity through recreational experiences.

Model the Way

Progressively lead by means of cooperative, flexible, innovative and sustainable Initiatives.

Integrity We Trust

Principled in fiscal responsibility, employment practices and community service.

Live for Fun

Creating impactful experiences for a fun & healthy life.

Driven by Excellence

Establish “Best of the Best” facilities, parks, programs and services through creativity, passion, and commitment to high standards.

Everyone Counts

Champion for inclusivity, diversity and respect.

Approved by Board of Commissioners on June 16, 2020

Woodridge Park District

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