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Bids & RFPs

Bids & RFPs

Current Bids

There are no bids available at this time.

Current RFPs

There are no RFPs available at this time.

Bid Results

Hawthorne Hill Woods, Phase 1,  Culvert Replacements Project, CDP #22-02c-01 (Opened 8/4/2022)
Hawthorne Hill Woods, Phase 2 – Path Development Project, CDP #22-02c-02 (Opened 8/4/2022)
2022 Asphalt Resurfacing Project, CRP, #22-02c (Opened 6/16/22)
Hawthorne Hill Woods -Culvert Replacements & Path Development Project, CDP #22-02c (Opened 4/7/2022)
2022 Asphalt Resealing Project, CRP #22-03c (Opened 4/12/2022)
2022 Playground Surface Replacement Project, CRP #22-04c (Opened 3/3/2022)
Cypress Cove Carbon Dioxide Tank Replacement Purchase Project, ACRP #22-01c (Opened 2/3/2022)
Nicor Easement Bikeway Connector Development Project, CDP 22-01c (Opened 2/3/2022)
2022 Landscape Tree Plantings Project, MSP #22-05c (Opened 2/3/2022)
2022 Portable Outdoor Toilet Unit Rentals, MSP 21-16c 9 (Opened 2/1/2022)
2022 Portable Outdoor Toilet Unit Rentals, MSP #21-16c (Opened 12/8/21 | Bid rejected 12/21/21)
Windy Point Park – Shelter Replacement Project, MSP #21-17c (Opened 12/10/21)
ARC Conference Room & Office Conversion Project, CDP #21-02c (Opened 11/9/21)
2021 Retaining Wall Replacement Project, CRP #21-11c (Opened 9/14/21)
KUBOTA RTV with 60” Rotary Broom Purchase, MSP #21-13pc (Opened 8/10/21)
2021 Playground Surface Replacement Project, CRP #21-08c (Opened 7/13/21)
2021 Court Recoloring Project, CRP #21-07c (Opened 7/13/21)
ARC Parking Lot Paver Repairs Project, MSP #21-09c (Opened 7/13/21)
Meadowview School & Murphy School Playground Improvements Project, CRP #21-02c (Opened 6/10/21)
Cypress Cove Slides Restoration Project, ACRP #21-02c (Opened on 3/9/21)
ARC, Falconridge and Janes Ave Park Fencing Project, CRP #20-08c (Opened on 11/5/20)
Hobson Corner Park– Fencing Project, CRP #20‐01c (Opened on 3/11/20)
Athletic Court Recoloring Project, CRP #20‐02c (Opened on 3/11/20)
Ide’s Grove West Development Project, CDP #19-05c-02 (Opened on 2/12/20)
Cypress Cove – Drain Pipe Leak Repair Project, ASMP#20-01c (Opened on 2/12/20)
2019 Passenger Shuttle Bus Purchase Project CRP #19-10c (Opened 10/28/2019)
Cypress Cove Filter System Renovation Project – Phase 2, ACRP #19-04c (Opened 11/13/19)
Natural Areas High Risk Tree Removal Project, MSP #19-14c (Opened 11/13/19)
2019 Roofing Replacements, CRP #19-08c (Opened 8/13/19)
Athletic Recreation Center (ARC) – Janitorial Services, MSP #19-10c (Opened 7/31/19)
Fred C. Hohnke Community Center – Program Room Interior Finishes, CDP #19-04c (Opened 6/13/19)
2019-2021 Waste & Recycling Dumpster, CDP #19-02c (Opened 4/9/19)
Lake Harriet Improvement Project Lighting Additions, CDP #19-02c (Opened 3/13/19)
2019-2020 Activity Guide Printing Project (Opened 2/15/19)
Maintenance Facility Interior Office Improvements Project – CDP #18-04c-02 (Opened 2/6/19)
Cypress Cove Filter System Renovation Project Phase 1 – ACRP #19-01c (Opened 2/6/19)
2019 Portable Outdoor Toilet Unit Rentals – MSP 19-01c (Opened 2/7/19)
2018/19 Natural Areas High Risk Tree Removal Project, MSP #18-10c-02 (Opened 1/8/19)

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