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Baseball field

Outdoor Athletic Field Rentals

Outdoor Athletic Field Rentals

Rent a baseball/softball, soccer or cricket field for your team’s/organization’s practice, game or outing (subject to availability)!


Category A – Resident Individual, Affiliated Organizations, or Organized Groups (50% WPD Residents Required)
Category B – Non-Resident Individual, Organized Groups (less than 50% WPD Residents)

Category A FEE category b fee
Baseball/Softball Field (per hour) $30 $40
Soccer/Football Field (per hour) $30 $40
Cricket Pitch/Field $30 $40
Athletic Field Lights (per hour) $25 $35
Athletic Courts (per hour) $10 $20
Athletic Court Lights (per hour) $20 $30
Security Deposit $100 $100
JJH Turf Field/Track Rental Rates Established by School District #68

Outdoor athletic field rental request FORM

Rental requests will be reviewed during business hours (M-F: 9 AM-5 PM). You will receive a response within 1-2 business days. All payments, deposits, and insurance requirements must be turned in before the permit is issued. You will be contacted when the permit is approved. Full payment is due prior to the scheduling field activity. 

Field Rental Information

  1. It is understood that your organization will comply with the rules, regulations and ordinances of the Woodridge Park District, Village of Woodridge, and State of Illinois, in use of Park District facilities.
  2. All Park District activities have preference over the use of all fields. Should a Park District activity and another group both arrive at a field, the Park District activity would have priority. Extended use of the fields by a particular group
    will be approved only after regular Park District seasonal programs have been scheduled.
  3. Each organization will clean or police-up the area, removing all refuse, litter, etc., that has accumulated as a result of its use.
  4. An organization will not use any facilities, grounds or equipment in any manner not expressly agreed upon in the application. Any additional requests other than the information on the application must be written specifically on application, i.e., bathroom facilities, field equipment, etc.
  5.  Each group is financially responsible for any damage occurring to building, grounds or equipment.
  6. All organizations and individuals renting or using the building or grounds shall hold the Woodridge Park District harmless from any action or suit by person or persons occasioned by use of Park District facilities by said organization.
    INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: The Woodridge Park District requires facility rental organizations to provide the above named with a certificate of their current liability insurance policy which should be at least $1,000,000 of coverage and name the Woodridge Park District as an additional insured.
  7. For any function, sufficient competent adult supervision or chaperons must be provided by the organization.
  8. No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed on Park District property.
  9. Facilities will be opened and closed at the time designated on the application.
  10. Non-conformance to rules makes agreement subject to cancellation.
  11. Cancellation requests made in writing within 14 days of a rental or failure to show for the scheduled reservation may result in a forfeiture of the security deposit excluding inclement weather days. Refund requests due to inclement weather will be solely based on the closing of Village Greens Golf Course on day of the rental and/or closing of any field by the District, of which rental fees and security deposit may be refunded in full.
  12. The Woodridge Park District reserves the right to cancel field reservations for Park District use at any time.

ARC Registration Desk Info & Hours
8201 S. Janes Avenue, Woodridge
Monday-Friday: 9 AM-6 PM | Saturday: 9 AM-12 PM

The Woodridge Park District strives to comply with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you or any member of your family needs special assistance in reserving a shelter, room or facility in an alternate format, please contact the Customer Service staff at the Athletic Recreation Center (ARC) at (630) 353-3400, or by email at and accommodations will be provided.

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