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Memorial Tree Program

The Woodridge Park District Memorial Tree program provides residents the opportunity to purchase a tree in memory of a loved one or to honor a special occasion. Your participation in the Memorial Tree program will not only provide a lasting memory, but
will also help to beautify our parks and trails. In addition to the tree, a bronze plaque is available and may include the name of the tree, year of dedication, name of person the memorial is for and a brief personalized message.


All trees and locations must be preapproved by the Woodridge Park District.
The Park District can suggest locations and tree species, or an appointment can
be arranged to have a staff member assist in selecting a specific location for your
memorial tree. The memorial site must be located on Woodridge Park District
property. Generally, trees purchased for planting by the District are 2” - 2-1/2”
caliper trees. Trees of that size typically range from $200 to $400, depending
upon the species and availability. If approved by Park District staff additional
tree sizes may be considered to fit specific budgets or for personal preference.
Planting of the tree can be completed either in the Spring, typically before June
1st, or in the Fall, before November 15th. Recommended trees include: Red Maple,
Sugar Maple, Ohio Buckeye, Black Tupelo, Hybrid Elms, Horsechestnut, Catalpa,
Ginkgo, Kentucky Coffee, and various Oak species.


The 4”x11” bronze plaques are 1/4” thick with etched graphics and text. The
plaques are affixed to flagstone with unseen mounting pins on the backside
of the plaque. The plaques can take two to three months for delivery from
the time of order. This should be kept in mind while planning your memorial
tree project. Typical plaque inscriptions/ graphics include: the name of the tree,
year of dedication, name of person or persons memorialized, and small
sayings, poems or dedications. Any text or graphics to be included on the
plaque must meet the approval of Park District staff prior to being issued for
fabrication. The average cost for the plaque is $275. Although cost can vary
in event that the size of the plaque is altered or if material prices increase. An
additional $25 fee is included to cover incidental cost for installing the plaque
including the stone and the material to affix the plaque to the stone.

Park District Services

For any memorial tree purchased Park District staff will coordinate the
purchase and installation of the tree and unique memorial plaque. In addition
to the planting, Park District staff will establish, maintain, and guarantee the
replacement of the tree in the event that it is no longer viable. No additional
cost will be assessed for these services. A staff member can assist in locating
the site, selecting the tree, and assisting with word selection for the plaque.
Prior to placing orders for the materials the District requires payment in full.
Payments can be made at the district office by credit card or by checks payable
to the Woodridge Park District.

If you have additional questions or would like to begin the process of tree selection, contact Ryan Bordewick, Planner and Landscape Designer at (630) 353-3300 or via e-mail.

Download Memorial Tree Program Flyer

Due to potential future park improvements at a park site that may conflict with the existing location of a planted memorial tree, the District reserves the right to relocate and/or replace any memorial tree within the same park as long as the new location is in keeping with the overall park design, or elsewhere at an alternate park site. Reasonable efforts to contact the initial requestor will be made in advance of any relocation/replacement efforts.