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ADA Assistance for Camps

ADA Assistance for Camps

ADA Accommodation  & SEASPAR Assistance for CAMPS

SEASPAR is the South East Association for Special Parks and Recreation.  This organization provides year-round recreation activities for individuals with disabilities and cognitive delays.  SEASPAR also provides inclusion assistance to those individuals who wish to participate in their home district program.  Park District staff training, adapted equipment, or a program aide is made available to facilitate a positive recreation experience.

The Woodridge Park District works in cooperation with SEASPAR to assist those individuals that wish to attend camp and need additional assistance.  Upon registration or entry into the program, the parent/guardian needs to request special assistance.  The parent/guardian will be contacted by the Recreation Supervisor and/or Camp Director and asked to complete an informational form.  This form contains vital information for SEASPAR and camp staff to better prepare to meet the needs of a camper that requires assistance.

Steps to Secure ADA Accommodations Assistance:
    1. It is recommended to register for program(s) at least 2 weeks prior to program start date.
    2. Submit a request for ADA Accommodation or Assistance in any program. This request is required at time of registration.
        1. If registering in person, please fill out the assistance or accommodations section on our program registration form.
        2. If registering online, select ‘YES’ when asked ‘Does the participant require an inclusion assistance aide?’
    3. Parent/Guardian will be contacted to discuss and determine level of support needed. We will do our very best, however we cannot guarantee an aide will be secured prior to the program start date.
    4. If we are able to secure an aide, SEASPAR staff will contact you. For more information about SEASPAR, visit

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