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About WSA

About WSA

The Woodridge Soccer Association is a non-profit recreational and competitive soccer program that has organized youth teams for Woodridge, Illinois and the surrounding area. WSA organizes teams for both boys and girls ages 6 through 14. The WSA is organized for the purpose of promoting the outreach and growth of soccer (playing, refereeing, and coaching) in Woodridge in both a recreational and competitive format. While recognizing that competition is a natural inclination, winning must be secondary to the goals of furthering the participant’s skills and knowledge of the game of soccer. The underlying motive for all programs will be the enjoyment of participation and the right to compete as a team sport. Soccer provides the opportunity to grow in interpersonal relationships, develop a sense of fair play, and learn to participate in a disciplined atmosphere according to prescribed rules. Of necessity to accomplish these purposes, adult participation must be supportive of the high aims of good sportsmanship.

The Woodridge Soccer Association Recreational Soccer relies upon parent volunteers to coach the teams. It is imperative that adults become involved in this program. All parents are asked to volunteer their time and effort to better the experiences of the players. Without volunteers, Recreational Soccer cannot go forward. Parents new to the program can always find support and information from existing volunteers. This is an opportunity for an adult to become involved in the community and make a positive difference in a child’s life.

Micro 1 Kindergarten
Micro 2 1st-2nd grade
Juniors 3rd-4th grade
Intermediate 5th-6th grade
Seniors 7th-10th grade

View WSA bylaws (Revised 10/7/15) View WSA In-house Program Rules & Regulations View WSA Organizational Chart

WSA Board Members
President Yessenia Alcantara
Vice President Brian Mathews
Secretary Denis Sunseri
Administrator Octavio Morales
Director of Operations Juan Corona

2023 Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Date Meeting Title Agenda Minutes
1/9/2023 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda
2/6/2023 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda View Minutes
3/6/2023 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda
4/3/2023 WSA Board Meeting
5/1/2023 WSA Board Meeting
6/5/2023 WSA Board Meeting
7/10/2023 WSA Board Meeting
8/7/2023 WSA Board Meeting
9/11/2023 WSA Board Meeting
10/2/2023 WSA Board Meeting
11/6/2023 WSA Board Meeting
12/4/2023 WSA Board Meeting

2022 Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Date Meeting Title Agenda Minutes
1/17/2022 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda View Minutes
2/7/2022 WSA Board Meeting – CANCELLED View Agenda
3/7/2022 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda View Minutes
4/4/2022 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda
5/9/2022 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda
6/6/2022 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda View Minutes
7/11/2022 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda
8/1/2022 WSA Board Meeting
9/12/2022 WSA Board Meeting
10/3/2022 WSA Board Meeting
11/7/2022 WSA Board Meeting
12/5/2022 WSA Board Meeting View Agenda View Minutes

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