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Park Mowing Status - Heavy Rainfall Continues to Hinder Maintenance Operations

May 22, 2019 – The District again respectfully asks for residents’ patience as Maintenance Crews strive to catch up on mowing, weeding and various maintenance tasks throughout the parks and facility grounds. The constant rainfall and continued extreme wet site conditions experienced this month have resulted in crews being unable to access park areas due to the high water table and saturated soils, causing numerous delays of maintenance activities.

Crews are continually monitoring all park areas to determine when site conditions are suitable to support mowing equipment. It is important to note that attempts to mow areas under unsuitable site conditions will create safety concerns to mowing equipment operators, damage to turf areas, and potential damage to mowing equipment resulting in further delays and costs. Staff is working overtime as weather and site conditions permit. Increased staffing of seasonal maintenance labor as students arrive back home from school will assist in getting operations back to normal as soon as mother nature cooperates. The District appreciates everyone’s continued patience during this wet weather period.

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