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Jubilee Point Park Chosen as New Name for Town Centre Property

Subsequent to an internal process to brainstorm park name suggestions for the 44-acre Town Centre property, the Board of Commissioners approved a resolution at the October 17 Regular Board Meeting officially naming the property “Jubilee Point Park.” The new park name reflects on the property’s 40-year legacy and the community’s ongoing support of hosting the Woodridge Jubilee special event. Additionally, it preserves the commonly used name of “Jubilee Site” by residents to reference the property and reflects the meaning of Jubilee, a time of celebration or rejoicing, which further echoes the Village and District’s achievement, in partnership with the Community, in securing the property in perpetuity for open space and park use. Lastly, incorporating the word “Point” defines the property as a geographical focal point within the Town Centre area and Woodridge community.

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