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Subsequent to Board approval of a contract with Davey Expert Tree Company at the January 16, 2024 Board meeting, the contractor under the supervision of ISA® Certified Arborists will begin on February 5th removing woody stemmed invasive brush throughout the natural areas on the Jubilee Point Park property. The non-native woody invasive plants scheduled to be removed include species such as buckthorn, bush honeysuckle, white mulberry, and multiflora rose. These aggressive, non-native species crowd out more desirable native plant species.

The removal process calls for the material to be manually cut with chainsaws and brush cutters; chipped; and disposed of off-site. This method of removal will limit the risk of erosion by leaving stumps and root systems in place resulting in an ideal substrate for successful seeding applications and native plantings. All cut material will be chemically treated to inhibit regrowth. The work will run through February, likely ending in early March.

Removing non-native woody invasive plants will be the first step in a phased approach to develop healthy, biodiverse natural areas at this park site as defined in the Jubilee Point Park – Natural Area Improvement Plan. Completing this work across the full property will minimize seed dispersion of any remaining aggressive invasive plants resulting in the most effective way to begin the establishment of more diverse landscapes in the natural areas at this site. Following the contracted removals hazardous trees will be assessed and removed as necessary for public safety. Native seeding will be applied in areas left exposed by the contracted removal, and native trees and shrubs will be incorporated to enhance the biodiversity of the natural areas.

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